Intellectual solutions in production management


The waterflooding Management technology are based on artificial intelligence algorithms and solves the problem of optimizing water injection process in order to increase oil production and reduce operating costs. Neural network algorithms allows to establish multi-parameter functional dependencies of fluid flow rate and water cut of production on water injection rates, on the basis of which oil production is maximized within the given limits of water injection.
Preparation of a training set sample (liquid production, water cut, water injection rate) - elimination of the prevailing effect of well works and incorrect measurements. Processing primary data by filtering methods: trend method, Savitsky-Golay method, confidence filter method and wavelet smoothing.
Search for influencing injection wells based on the liquid production and water injection rate correlation.
Search for functional dependencies between production and injection data based on artificial intelligence algorithms.
Neuralnetwork training
Search for optimal operation modes of injection wells that provide the maximum potential for oil production in a given limits of water injection.
Flow Rate Watcher
«Flow rate watcher» is a technology for optimization of pumping equipment in order to maximize the economic efficiency of production process. The technology is based on a multidimensional optimization algorithm that generates the optimal performance of pumping equipment in a given constraint model.
Constraint Model
Combinations of solutions
Optimization of pumping equipment
Automated control system
A complex of algorithms for remote control of the operation modes of injection and production wells. The optimal water injection rates are achieved through automated control systems, ensuring the prompt implementation of the management strategy. Using that automated system allows information exchange between telemetric data collection systems and the artificial intelligence system, thus establishing a link named "field - intelligent control systems".
Formation of operating modes of producing and injection wells
Optimization of fluid extraction
Search for the optimal distribution of the injection
Neural network design and
Verification and systematization of production information
The software part
Software interface
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Planned consolidation of competencies:
Remote control systems, executing commands to change the operating modes of production and injection wells.
Application of software: Waterfooding managment, FRW, ATLAS-ACS
Injection control equipment
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